Anyone who have tried Windows Vista should be familiar with Windows gadget on the sidebar. How do we do it in Ubuntu you say?

use gdesklets.

First, open a terminal, and update your apt-get database

sudo apt-get update

And then, install gdesklets

sudo apt-get install gdesklets

After it finished installing, start gdesklets


Gdesklets icon should appear on your notification area, right click on it, and click on Manage desklets.


Add as many desklets as you want, my fave is the starterbar from Toolbar/Launcher, and it currently replaces my bottom gpanel as application shortcuts holder.



Make sure that Gdesklets is started everytime you log into your desktop by going to System>Preferences>Sessions. On Startup Programs tab, click on New, and input “gdesklets” into name and command columns. Make sure it is ticked.

…And you’re done

By ikhsan

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