So somehow, the storage agent in one of the node of my HP-UX RAC clusters won’t start. Manually starting the storage agent reveal this error message :

“ANR0454E Session rejected by server , reason: Authentication Failure.”

So, that’s my problem. My TSM server refused to authenticate the storage agent. The first thing that I tried is to reinitialize the storage agent. Here is how:

  1. go to your TSMSERVER console by typing

  2. Update the password the corresponding node, the syntax is as follows :

    UPDATE SERVER <sta-name> SERVERPASSWORD=<sta-password>

    for example :

  3. Reinitialize the storage agent, the syntax is :
    ./dsmsta setstorageserver myname=<sta-node-name> mypassword=<sta-node-pass> myhladdress=<sta-node-ip> servername=<tsm-server-name> serverpassword=<tsm-server-pass> hladdress=<tsm-server-ip> lladdress=1500
    for example :

    ./dsmsta setstorageserver myname=HQCMSDB1_AGENT mypassword=mySTApassCMS myhladdress= servername=TSMSERV serverpassword=TSMSERV hladdress= lladdress=1500
  4. Start the storage agent again, see if you still get the error, if not, you’re done, otherwise, the problem might not be about the authentication. Check whether your node can reach the TSM server, and make sure that the appropriate port used by the agent to communicate is opened

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