Life is Strange is  an episodic point and click adventure  game, developed by DontNod, who made 2013’s Remember Me for Capcom. There will be 5 episodes in total, and the first episode is already out, while the rests will be released in six week interval between each other. The first episode of Life is Strange is not that strange, especially if you’re familiar with Japanese slice of life manga, but you know that something sinister and otherworld-y is lurking in the background.

The Steam version ran quite smoothly in 1080p under Playonlinux/Wine 1.7.33, on my Nvidia GT750m equipped Lenovo Y510p with v331 binary driver. Here are some screenies from the game:

If you enjoy point and click adventure games or would like to cool down, enjoy a change of pace ,  Life is Strange, along with the earlier released Dreamfall Chapters, are (will be) great picks. I personally am eagerly waiting for Red Thread to release The Longest Journey Home, the direct sequel to one of my greatest gaming experience, The Longest Journey 🙂

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