Here are some of the android apps that I use extensively:

  1. ConnectBot
    A robust SSH client that I use to connect to my servers.  ConnectBot Support persistent connection, so you won’t get disconnected when idling or running it in the background.  Work best with phones equipped with physical keyboard such as the Dream and Desire Z 

  2. Soundhound
    Hum that tune that has been bugging you for days to your phone, and SoundHound will find the title and the singer of that song. It will even direct you to a youtube video of that particular song if one is available. 

    Just hum the tune
    ...and voila
    ..list of youtube videos from the search

  3. File Manager
    Your standard file manager. Support copy, move, delete, rename, zip, and unzip operations. What a like about the File Manager is that the interface seems to be a lot cleaner than its’ peer. Oh it’s add supported, so you’ll see small ad at the bottom of the app from time to time.

    File Manager
  4. URemoteDesktop
    A client-server app that allows you to control the screen and media player of your ubuntu PC. You can start, stop, skip songs on your default media player. You can rotate, turn off, and turn on the screen. It also equipped with a remote keyboard that can be use to type on your Ubuntu PC from your android phone. 

    UremoteDesktop's Media Player control
  5. Widgetsoid
    A replacement for the stock power control widget. In addition to the original set of wireless, bluetooth, gps,  autosync, and brightness toggles, you can add switches for data connection, sound profiles, and bunch of other controls such as wireless hotspot, and monitoring widgets such as battery charges and temperatures. Very neat. 

    wireless, bluetooth, data, autosync, GPS, sound profiles and brightnes switches
  6. Calwidget
    A simpe and clean calendar widget that sync to your google calendar 

    a 4x4 calwidget... widget
  7. Aldiko
    An e-book reader with support for .epub and pdf (Adobe DRMed on non-DRMed) format. Browse through free titles from feedbooks, or purchase one from the in-app store. Or you can add your own e-books. 

    Aldiko library view
    ..the store view


    ..and the reading pane
  8. Droid Comic Viewer
    A comic viewer app for comic books in .cbz/.cbr format.
  9. BuzzBox
    A news aggregator. You can choose your news sources from its’ library of feeds organized by topic. It also includes a widget for your home screen. The bad news is that the newest version of BuzzBox is ad ladden, so you might want to find older ad-free version instead. 

    BuzzBox widget at the bottom of the screen


    BuzzBox reader screen
  10. ShootMe
    ShootMe is the android application that I use to make screenshots used on this post. It’s too bad that, on some phones,  ShootMe requires root access to work properly. Many have reported that it works on unrooted some HTC models, but sadly, the Desire Z that I own was not one of them. 

    Just shoot me


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