Plantronic BackBeat 903+Plantronic BackBeat 903+

So, I own 2 pairs of stereo bluetooth headsets. The first one is a Plantronic Backbeat 903+, and the second one is a Jabra Clipper. This post summarise my experiences with the two of them.

Jabra Clipper
Jabra Clipper
Plantronic BackBeat 903+
Plantronic BackBeat 903+


Both offer multi-pairing (one phone, one media player) and rugged exterior. Both support A2DP and AVRCP, so you can play, pause, and skip tracks. Both has virtually no moving parts, so there will be no broken clips, switches or anything like that. The Jabra Clipper’s ear pieces are removable, and can be replaced with any stereo earpieces with 3.5mm jack.

Sound Quality

The 903+ and the Clipper are modest music earphones. Not the best, but definitely acceptable for my daily bus ride. You can “upgrade” the clipper sound quality by replacing the standard earbuds¬† with a better one, but you will eventually be limited by the stereo bluetooth protocol sub-par data rate.

As for call quality, the Clipper beats 903+ squarely, as the 903+ is practically useless for making calls. The 903+’s supposedly sophisticated microphone, which is located at the left ear-piece, completely failed at capturing my voice. The Clipper on the other hand, works flawlessly when clipped on the left collar of my shirt.

Battery life

A single charge will last about eight to nine hours on the 903+, a solid one to two hours longer that the Clipper’s passable six hours battery life


In Jakarta, the 903+ will cost you about Rp 900K (approximately USD100), and for the same amount of money,  you can get 2 set of Jabra Clippers


If you need a decent bluetooth headset that is also capable of delivering acceptable sound quality when paired to a PMP, the Jabra Clipper is your best bet. Decent sound, great build quality, and virtually no moving parts aside from the control buttons.

My old beat up Clipper

If the 903+ form factor appeals you, my suggestion is to get the 903 if you can find one. It’s very similar to the “+” version, and you can actually use it for making calls.

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