I own a DS Lite. And just like any Indonesian that own a DS, I use it in conjunction with SuperCard. Mine is the SC Lite MicroSD version. SuperCard seems to score less favourable than it’s competitor, due to it’s horrendous compatibility with GBA games, and the lack of features compared to other product. But it seems that most Game Shops in Jakarta only sell SuperCard since I believe it’s far cheaper that it’s competitor.


I made my transition to Linux on my notebook, a couple of months a go, as soon as I received my copy of Feisty Fawn. I boot mostly to Linux now, still have Windows (Vista) installation, but it’s only used for iTunes.

..and SuperCard!

I googled around, and the only viable solution to run SuperCard software on Linux seems to be to run it under Wine.

So, in order to do that, first install Wine if you haven’t already done so.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install wine

Download the latest version of SuperCard software. The latest release seems to be v2.62, as the newer 2.63 is still in beta.

After the download is finished, unpack the the archive

unzip setupmicrosdV262en.zip

It’ll create a folder “setupmicrosdV262en”. Inside the folder are readme.txt, written in magnificent engrish, “micro_eng_183.bin”, the newest firmware for SuperCar MicroSD, and the installer for the converter “setupmicrosdV262en.exe”
Run the installer by either doubleclicking it, or via terminal

wine setupmicrosdV262en.exe

The installer will run as if it’s on Windows, so you know what you have to do.


Press every instance of the “next” button that appear, and finally press finish. You can start SuperCard by going to Applications>Wine>Programs>Super Card>Super Card. Let’s run it.


Everything seem to be in working order until..


Apparently the completion confirmation dialog was drawn under the main Super Card software windows, and I don’t seems to be able to toggle to it. More over, the SuperCard software did not appear on my Windows List. Even worst I can’t kill the session, and even the log out dialog on Gnome failed to work.

So I switched to Terminal, and killed my Gnome-Session.

Let’s try again. This time, before starting the convert process, i moved the main SC Windows a bit lower, and pressed the “out” button… and voila!


The completion confirmation window appear at the top of the main window. Click the OK button, and the convertion process is finished.

What I like about SuperCard is, even after releasing the newer version of SuperCard (the DSOne, used on DS slot-1), they continue to support the older version of their product. New to the SC Lite is the ability to use cheat codes (GameShark, Action Replay), even though it’s a little complex to use. But I like the spirit. The process require you to manually convert a .cht file to SuperCard native cheat files (.scc) using small software provided by SC maker. I haven’t got the time to try it on my Feisty, but be sure to check back.

By ikhsan

5 thoughts on “Supercard on Ubuntu”
    1. You can’t if you’re using the GBA slot version . the Supercard Lite can only read the ROM once it was converted to Spuercard format, which is why you require the coverter software. In other hand, the Supercard DS One (using DS slot) can read ROM files without having to cnvert them to th supercard format

  1. I have a love-hate relationship with virtual memory because of the way prices are always dropping. I hate buying Micro SD Cards for my R4 / R4i at (what seems to be) a crazy bargain price only to see it become 10% cheaper a couple of weeks later.(Submitted on Nintendo DS running R4i NetBrowze)

    1. I have it running once, I managed to get to bash. I didn’t try to connect to my wireless router, since it’s using WPA, and the DS only support WEP

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