Here are some pics of Vivitar 135mm F2.8 that recently fall into my custody 😀 My first M42 lens.

Some sample that I took around the house

Update @ 26-04-2008

I finally got the chance to play with the lens when I visited the local zoo. Here are some pics that I took with the lens paired up with my trusty K100D

By ikhsan

4 thoughts on “Vivitar 135mm F2.8”
  1. Kalo yg nangkring di depan semuanya jg bisa kayanya. Nah kalo sampe nyabut low pass filter sih kaga 😀 Saya tidak setajir anda berani bongkar-bongkar kamera mahal 😀

  2. Nice pics, I just got this lens as well, but I have some questions, Aperture ring doesn’t goes further than 4, so I can’t reach F2.8, also, if I take a picture on F22 looks the same as one took at F4, blades run smoothly if I press the pin at the bottom of this lens, what can be wrong?

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