So I previously did the first “What’s on My Youtube playlist” back in March 2016 and I kinda want to give an update on it. Also, a friend of mine asked me why I don’t have any “tech” youtuber channel on that list. You see, this is the list of top “tech” channel on Youtube. Yeah, not my kind of stuff. There are some channels with tutorials on stuff that I have really benefit from, but not to the point that I’d like to subscribe.


Level1Tech is probably the closest thing to “traditional” tech YouTube channel that I have in my subscription list. The channel is headlined by Wendell, who previously was a part of Tek Syndicate, another Tech YouTube channel. The highlight of their contents are the “Level 1 News” where the hosts, Wendell, Ryan, and Krista read headlines of a bunch of IT and technology related news from a couple of websites and provide their opinions on them. There are a couple of traditional videos about consumer computer parts but they do cover some interesting stuff like  this:

My minor problem with the channel is that their use of the term “normies”. You see, from over here, with what I’ve seen so far on their channel, they kinda on my “normies” level

The 8-Bit Guy

David’s 8-Bit Guy channel is probably how I would describe my kind of “tech” youtube channel. David hailed from the time when the pc you’re purchasing also came with a book on how to write software for it. So instead of publishing overly produced videos on reviewing the newest, shiniest, most powerful hardware, 8-Bit Guy videos cover topics on refitting old (sometime way too old) computers and write games on it. Yes, he codes games and also write musics. What an awesome guy.


The most expensive headphone that I own is a measly Sony MDR-1A, so I’m not exactly an audiophile, and I don’t really have the budget to be one. So I compensate by watching mostly hilarious review of sometime expensive audio components at Z-Reviews.


Techmoan’s channel is the exact opposite of Z-Reviews, as the stuff he’s reviewing are vintages and obscure audio stuff. I can’t say that nostalgia is the reason why I love Techmoan as the stuff he’s into is even beyond my time, well at least beyond the time I started to lust for shiny blinky stuff. Just like 8-Bit Guy’s, Techmoan’s contents is not overly produced. Techmoan is also the channel I “listen” the most, a.k.a playing in the background somewhere on one of Firefox’s tab when I do other stuff

Binging with Babish

Binging with Babish is another channel that I constantly “listen” in the background when I’m doing something on my PC. He covers anything from chicken Tika Masala to … Orange Mocha Frappuccinos:


Cody (and his family) is proudly Christian, conservative, and owns a bunch of Glocks and AR-15s, so he’s not the most popular choice for modern crowds, but he also makes great videos on homesteading. He’s not telling people that what or how he’s doing things are how they supposed to be done, but he’ll tell you how he would do them, and he demonstrates them very well.

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