I spent my last weekend on Pramuka island on the occasion of Festival Bahari Jakarta 2007 as a part of lensa.net photography community. One of the major event of this festival is photography competition with Seribu Island seashore community as the object.There are also under water photography competition, and underwater cleaning session.

It was lots of fun. And I learned a lot too. On day one, We went to fisherman villages of Panggang island and offshore enbankments for milkfish, grouper, and lots of other species. Day two were spent on Kelapa Island, a fisherman community mostly of Bugis origin.

Too bad that my photography skill still sucks. Anyway, here are some pics that i took:



The rest of the photos will be available on my flickr and picasa account. This is the link to a thread for this event on lensa.net


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