Note to self.

Avoid with all of your might, with every possible way, by any possible means to be in the same vehicular transportation apparatus with a multi level marketing member.

To initiate the conversation, He began by asking me of what field of work that I think will have the brightest future in several years ahead. I already knew where this conversation will lead to, so I played along. I actually answered his question. “Alternative energy source!”, and went to a very lengthy (I mean VEERYYY LOOONG) stories of Brazil’s sugar cane ethanol success, biodiesel from vegetable oil, and bioengineered algae, wind and sea wave power, and so on and so on. After about a non-stop 10 minutes rambling about algae and stuff, I paused, he was left speechless.

It took him about 5 second to regain his composure, and began to direct the conversation the way he wanted it to be. But I immediately followed the algae stories with and even lengthier explanation on how some of the major energy company like shell and chevron are trying to adapt their business to the increasing demand of alternative energy source..

the rest is history..

By ikhsan

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