If you’re Ubuntu user, and fans of the Humble Bundle.. err bundles, now you can get all of your Humble Bundle goodies on steam, since Valve has decided to start the open beta for Steam for Linux. Get the .deb here, and double click to install. Create a steam account if you haven’t got one.

The next step is to get the steam redeem keys for your bundle purchases. Log into your Humble Bundle account, and go to your library. Scroll all the way down to see the link to all of your purchases, and select one of the bundle that you want to redeem. The top of the next page will contain a link to your steam keys.

If you have your steam keys, fire up Steam for linux, go to Games > Activate a Product on Steam. Enter your key when asked.

One.. well.. many little problem(s), not all of the bundle’s linux games are available on Steam. Trine and Shadowgrounds for example, are available in windows and mac, but not on Steam for Linux

By ikhsan

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