So what would I do with my first week of between-job? I stayed home and binge-watched the 4th season of House of Cards, 2nd season of Daredevil, and currently am catching up with my youtube playlist 😀 Seems a bit dull right? Well I’m still recuperating from flu, and the wife and I will be doing something more exciting on the coming week, but today.. Today, my post will be covering a few youtube channels that I’m subscribed to.

Good Mythical Morning & Good Mythical More

Rhett and Link will  provide you with your  daily dose of entertainment, with videos of them eating strange concoctions (depp fried toothpaste anyone?), inventing stuff that shouldn’t have existed (pool pants), wacky quizzes about cheeses’ names,  and many, many more

Oh and Stevie is super cute!

DIY Perks

Are you a fan of PC building videos such as those on linus Techtips? Well, DIY Perks blows them out of the water. Instead of putting up together purchased (or sponsored) off-the-shelf  components,  Matt mods components and scratch-build his case.

Updates are a bit rare and infrequent, but trust me, any of them are worth watching and waiting for.

Community Channel

For me, Ms. Tran started it all. No one can make  short videos about mundane topics such as how to deal  with multiple sneezes, how to pronounce pistachio, and gift wrapping as funny, relatable and smart as Natalie.

Now, to the porno music slash comment time.

Geek & Sundry

Felicia Day-headed Geek & Sundry caters to the geeks like me. I subscribe to the channel mainly for ” Co-optitude” , the show where Felicia Day plays games with his brother, Ryon Day, and where Ryon Day plays game with his sister, you guessed it, Felicia Day.

Or if you’re a fan on D&D, “Critical Role” is a show for you. Past series highlights include Will Wheaton’s “TableTop” a show where he plays tabletop games together with fellow actors and youtubers

..And Spellslingers, if your thing is to see Sean Plott a.k.a Day[9] getting kicked around in  Magic: The Gathering by a complete newbies.

The Camera Store TV

The Camera Store TV  is a youtube channel made by The Camera Store, a camera store based in Calgary, Canada. Their videos are mostly review of stuff that they are selling on their.. camera store!! Their videos are so much fun, (in my opinion) objective, and able to keep me from losing my attention  without resorting to cringe-inducing acts such as those on DigitalRev’s videos

With those people creating stuff on youtube, who needs tv?

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