For quite sometime, Argetine internet users have been denied from querying certain individual names on search engines like Google and Yahoo. For example, if You try to search for Maradona on Yahoo, it will give you absolutely 0 result:

Maradona is missng in action
Maradona is missing in action

The translation of the notice put by Yahoo on their search result is as follows:

On the occasion of a court order sought by private parties, we have been forced to temporarily remove some or all of the search results relating to it

This is caused by some kind of censorship mandated by Argentine Official to some of the search engines to prevent them showing result for queries regarding certain individual ranging from celebrities to judges and public officials.

Funnily, you can bypass this by intentionally put misspelled word on your query. If you search for “mardona”, Yahoo will automatically includes result for query about “maradona”

We found Maradona
We found Maradona

The line

Hemos incluido los resultados para maradona

translate to

We have included the results for maradona


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