So, I have been into cooking for this couple of month, nothing too exotic, just something that I could whipped out in a couple of minutes, primarily just to get something nice to take picture of, and the wife happens to approve 😀 And since my updates on this blog has been few and far between, I decided to spice things up a bit… see what I did there? Spice up.. cooking.. get it? Nevermind.

Today will be about your basic barbecue steak, nothing fancy.

OK, on with the ingredients, I can’t put measurements because.. well I don’t do that 😀 :

Steak :

  • I’m not picky about steak cut, but I love rib eye. If you’re in Jakarta, Lotte Mart has excellent range of products to select from, starting from a wallet-friendly local rib eye, to expensive imported  wagyu tenderloin.

Steak marinade:

  • Worcestershire sauce,
  • Balsamic vinegar,
  • Black pepper, grounded,
  • Mustard,
  • salt,

Barbecue sauce:

  • Ketchup,
  • Worcestershire sauce,
  • Balsamic vinegar,
  • Black pepper, grounded,
  • Garlic, minced. Garlic powder will also do just fine
  • Brown sugar,
  • Honey,
  • Onions, chopped
  • salt, to taste
  • Olive oil, to grease the pan

Start with mixing all the marinade ingredients together,  and marinade the meat. It should take between 2 hours to overnight on refrigerator. Take it out 30 minutes before grilling, and let it sit on room temperature.


Next, the barbecue sauce. Heat up a sauce pan with olive oil over medium heat, add in the chopped onions, cook it until soft. Add in garlic, and continue for about a minute or two. Lower the heat and add in ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, salt, and black pepper, and stir and simmer a couple of minutes. Add in brown sugar and honey.

I prefer to grill my steak to medium, so it will take between 5-7 minutes on each side.



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